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Tuscan Path No 1

Tuscan Path No 1

Tuscan Barns

Tuscan Barns-Pastel-12×18

Tillamook Bay -diptych

Tillamook Bay -diptych-oil-24×48

Wy’East-Before We Came

Wy’East-(Before We Came)-oil-40×60

Meadow at Sunset

Meadow at Sunset -Pastel 24×36

Late In The Day

Late In The Day-Pastel-10×18

The Road To Buttermere

The Road To Buttermere-Pastel-20×30

The Golden Oaks

The Golden Oaks-Pastel-10×18

The Lark Ascending

The Lark Asceneding-Pastel-24×38 One day driving in the borderlands between Wales and England I stop to admire the view and hear a Lark high up in the air singing. I am then reminded of the beautiful melody by Ralph Vaughan Wlliiams of  the same name.  

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-Pastel-24×36 In the book Wind In The Willows there is a chapter with this name. On a small island in the Thames such as this the characters at dawn meet the God Of Nature-Pan.

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-pastel-24×30


Woodland No 1-Oil-24×36