Science Fiction

Between about 1968 and 1972 I illustrated for the award winning New Worlds Magazine in London.

From about 1967-1972 I was illustrating for New Worlds which was a London based science fiction magazine. At that time the constraint of publication demanded that the work only be in black and white with no colour.

“Speculative Fiction” rather than Science Fiction was the handle used to describe the material in the magazine even though many of the writers were known for their science fiction credentials.

The image above was for a story which included the writer Michael Moorcock who was an early editor and publisher. He is characterized in the middle figure.

Above-Terminal-a typical layout page of New Worlds

HeadTimepassesAbove-Passing The Time-1968

Above and below-Father Knows Best-

Drivingthe DuelBelow-Untitled-1968

Below-Wirewalker 1967

Below-The Watcher-1968

WatchingwebEdgarmeetsWilliamAbove-Tarzan-Edgar Rice Burroughs meets William Burroughs


Copter PilotAbove-Pilot-1968

Below-Statue Of Liberty 1968

Statue of libertyBelow-Natural Guard-1968

GI Chicago68Above-Chicago Pig 1968

Below-Easy Rider 1968

EasyRiderBelow-Naked If I Want to-1968

Untitled2Below-Dedicated Follower-1968


Model copy


Below-Sounds 1967

Sounds copy

Below-Tricky Dicky-1972nixon