Pastoral Collection

I grew up in England which of course has influenced my idea of what a landscape is and so I have an affinity to pastoral places like these wherever they may be.

Newlands Valley

Newlands Valley-Pastel 19×26

Marys Peak

Marys Peak- Oil 24×48

Copper Meadows

Copper Meadows-oil-36×36

Meadow at Sunset

Meadow at Sunset -Pastel 24×36

Late In The Day

Late In The Day-Pastel-10×18

The Road To Buttermere

The Road To Buttermere-Pastel-20×30

The Golden Oaks

The Golden Oaks-Pastel-10×18

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-Pastel-24×36 In the book Wind In The Willows there is a chapter with this name. On a small island in the Thames such as this the characters at dawn meet the God Of Nature-Pan.

View from Cape Horn

The View From Cape Horn 36×72 Oil on canvas  


Avalon oil-24×36




Bellvue at Sheridan-Pastel-20×30

Willow Creek in Autumn

Willow Creek in Autumn-Pastel-10×18

St.Helens from Sturgeon Lake

St.Helens From Sturgeon Lake-Pastel-10×18

Sturgeon Lake

Sturgeon Lake-Pastel-20×30

Refuge Road

Refuge Road-pastel-10×18

Tree Study-Oklahoma

Tree Study-Oklahoma-Pastel-10×18

Tree Study

Tree Study-Sauvie Island-Pastel-10×18

The Purple Dawn

The Purple Dawn-pastel-28×38

Estuary No 3

Estuary No3-oil-24×48

Estuary No 1

Estuary No 1-Pastel-24×36

Hawk Creek-study

Hawk Creek Study-Pastel-10×18

Hawk Creek

Hawk Creek-Pastel-28×38

A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park-Pastel-10×18

Red Earth No 2

Red Earth No 2-Pastel-22×30

Red Earth No 1

Red Earth No 1-Pastel-22×0

Eden Valley

Eden Valley-oil-32×40

Summers Day

Summers Day-Pastel-10×18

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle-Oil-36×48


Clover Field-Pastel-20×30

Clover No 1

Clover No 1-Oil 32×40

The Purple Dawn


The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle-oil-36×48 It was Midsummers day-a mid point in the cycle of the year. The clouds broke after rain and formed a widening circle. In the distance on a circular hill stood a circle of trees. Within the trees stood a stone circle that measured the cycles of time. Magic Circles.

Scale Knott

Scale Knott-pastel-10×18

Refuge Road

Refuge Road-Pastel-10×18

Bellvue Sheridan

Bellvue Sheridan-pastel-32×48

Spring Sauvies Island

Spring Sauvies Island-pastel-10×18

The Purple Dawn

The Purple Dawn-pastel 20×30

Lost River

Lost River No 1-oil-24×36

Sturgeon Lake

Sturgeon Lake-Pastel-14×24

Late In The Day

Late In The Day-Pastel-10×18

Eden Valley Clouds

Eden Valley Clouds-Oil-36×36

Estuary No1

Estuary No 1-Pastel-28×38

Hawk Creek

Hawk Creek-pastel 28×38

Estuary No 3

Estuary No 3– 24×48 oil

Willow Creek No 2

Willow Creek No2 -Pastel 14×24

Beyond The Shadowlands

Beyond The Shadowlands-oil-40×54

The Shadowlands

The Shadowlands-oil-40×60 This image I have approached many times. The title comes from a book by T.S Eliot and in the film of that book there is a scene where this particular place in England (the Wye Valley) is mentioned. The version above Beyond The Shadowlands isĀ  40x 54 in oil. Above this version is […]

Secret Valley

The Secret Valley-Pastel-20×30 Below an etching (1987) of the same scene which is on the English Welsh border in a beautiful glacial valley.

Kilpeck No 2

Kilpeck No2-Pastel-10×18