The Abstract Collection

Wetlands No 1

Palouse Landscape No 3

Palouse Landscape No 2

Palouse No 5 diptych


Palouse Series No 4

Poppies 1


Palouse Landscape

Abstract No 3

Abstract No 4

Abstract No 5



Desert Pool

Desert Varnish No 3

Abstract 2

Abstract No 1

Palouse Series 12

Palouse Dunes


Bark 2

Bark 2– 40×60-Mixed media

Bark 1

Desert Varnish No 2

Desert Varnish 2-Mixed Media  

Desert Varnish Series1

Desert Varnish 1-60×40-mixed media  

Palouse Series No 3

Palouse Series No 3-40×60 Mixed media

Palouse Series No 2

Palouse Series no 2-40×60 mixed media on canvas.

Palouse Series No 1

Palouse Series No 1-40×60 Mixed media on canvas.

Tillamook Bay -diptych

Tillamook Bay -diptych-oil-24×48

On Black Mountain

On Black Mountain-oil-12×16

Tillamook Bay no 2

Tillamook Bay No 2-Oil-24×24

Into The Hills

Into The Hills-Pastel-14×24

Palouse No1

Palouse No 1-oil-24×48





Secret Valley

The Secret Valley-Pastel-20×30 Below an etching (1987) of the same scene which is on the English Welsh border in a beautiful glacial valley.

Ferry Canyon

Ferry Canyon-oil-20×30

The Pass

The Pass-pastel-22×30



On Black Mountain

On Black Mountain-pastel-20×30

Into The Hills 2

Into The Hills 2 -oil 12×16

Into the Hills 1

Into The Hills 1-Oil-12×16

Tillamook Bay

  Tillamook Bay 1-24 x24 oil

Columbia Hills No 2

Columbia Hills No 2 -Pastel 14×24