The West Collection

City Of Refuge

City Of Refuge -oil 10×18

Tillamook Bay -diptych

Tillamook Bay -diptych-oil-24×48

Wy’East-Before We Came

Wy’East-(Before We Came)-oil-40×60

Mount Hood

Mount Hood-oil on canvas-12×24 Artists note : The artist has no record of this painting selling. If you know of it’s whereabouts please contact the artist through the contact page. Above-another view.  

Cascade Head

Cascade Head-Pastel-10×18


Californian Barn-Pastel-10×18



Palouse Hills

  Palouse Hills-oil-20×30

Smith Rocks No 1

Smith Rocks No 1-pastel-30×40

Smith Rocks No 2

Smith Rocks No 2-pastel-28×38



Kellogg Creek

Kellogg Creek-Oil-12×24



View Toward Beacon Rock

View Toward Beacon Rock-Oil-30×20



Dry Creek No 2

Dry Creek No 2-oil-30×40

Dalles Mountain Barn

Dalles Mountain Barn-pastel-20×30

Coyote Hills

Coyote Hills-oil-12×24

Columbia Hills No 2

Columbia Hills No 2-pastel-22×30

Columbia Hills No 1

Columbia Hills No 1-pastel-22×30

Columbia Hills No 3

Columbia Hills No 3-oil-12×24

Red Rocks

The Red Rocks-oil-18×36  

Red Barn No 1

Red Barn No 1-oil-24×48

Red Barn No 2

Red Barn No 2-oil-12×24

Rockpile Ridge

Rockpile Ridge-Oil-36×36

Dry Creek No1

Dry Creek No 1-Oil-30×40

Cabin Lake

Cabin Lake-Pastel-10×18

Beach Scene 3

Beach Scene No 3-Oil-36×36

Dawn Beach

Dawn Beach-oil-36×36

View Of Mt.St.Helens

View of Mt.St.Helens-oil-24×48

Ellens Isle

Ellens Isle-Oil-40×54

Malheur Lake

Malheur Lake-Pastel-12×18

Crates Point

Crates Point-Pastel-10×18

Kona Town

Kona Town (Big Island Hawaii)- oil-12×16

Red Barn No-2

Red Barn No-2-oil-12×24

Hart Lake

Hart Lake-oil-36×48  

Emigrant Hill No 2

Emigrant Hill No 2-oil-36×48

Emigrant Hill1

Emigrant Hill -oil-36×48

Cabin Lake-Pastel

Cabin Lake-Pastel-10×18

Poker Jim Ridge

Poker Jim Ridge-oil-40×60



Summer on Sauvie Island

Summer on Sauvie Island-Pastel-22×38

Near Powell Butte

Near Powell Butte-oil-32×48

Mount Hood from Lost Lake

Mount Hood from Lost Lake-oil-18×36


  Wy’East-Before We Came-oil-40×60

Ellens Isle

Ellens Isle-oil-40×54 Below an earlier “warmer” version.

Autumn In The Gorge

Autumn In The Gorge-oil-18×36

The Red Rocks

Red Rocks-oil-18×36

Pioneer Mountains No 1

Pioneer Mountains No 1-oil-24×48

Pioneer Mountains No 2

Pioneer Mountains No 2-oil-24×48